Lars La Ville complete Music CV in music libraries 2008 - 2021 (Under construction)

Music Libraries Placements:

Uk Music Library: 
Trailer Compliation:
Angels Of Legends

80s Compliation:
Game Player
Delorean Drive 

Turning Heads 
Synth Nouveau 

Jazz Compliation:


Building Bridges
Crazy Fashions
Feel The Groove
Funky Bass Jam
Island Sun
Happy Hour
Jazzy Lady
Kittens And Rainbows
Lemon And Lime
Lucky Break 
Party Knights
Questions And Answers
Scat Bandits
Smooth Ride 
So Cool 
Swinging Salmon 
Take A Bow
Yes Man

USA Music Library: / BBC Music Library - Horror Music 
Ghost Sweep 4
Ghost Sweep 5
Ghost Sweep 6
Ghost Sweep 8
Haunted House 2
Haunted House 3
Haunted House 4
Haunted House 6
Haunted House 7
Haunted House 10
The Gathering Of The Munks (+ Variation)

Silver Smoke
Avillrud Treasure
The Cube
Night Raider 
Hang Over In L.A
Displaced System

Retro Slayer:

Italio Stylismo
Funky Baido
Trobbing Movements
Honey Bunny
Hold On
Crumpled Sheep
Platinum Action
Static Blue
Automatic Lust
Bright Wizard
Everlasting Raider
I Wonder
Star Solar
Sufficient Beats
Spacey Urban

Above The Skies:Wice and La Ville
Spiffy Collision 
Streamlined Bits
Risible Drone
Passionate Blossom
Exultant Symphony
Energetic Soundscapes
Dastardly Anomaly

Smugly Broadcasting
Moist Assaults
Vibrating Bones
Tattered Critters
Robust Melodies
Simulated Revolutionaries
Cloned Imbroglio
Cool Crutaceans
Ambient Exploration

Blue Penguins 
Christmas Fairytales
Cypher Eliminator
Is There Life On Any Planets
Final Call
First Attempt (+ 5 Variationer)
Hot Shot
Heroes In Space
Land Of The Angels (+1 Variation
La Gypsia
Moderst Dubai
Magical Dramedy 
Second Attempt
Risible Mullahs
River Of The Brokenhearted
So Happy Today
Space Patrol
Spirit Of Redemption
The Abondoned Zone
The Dark Shadow
The Power Of The Uniorn (+ 1 Variation)
Unreal Reality
Boom Town
Calibrate Us
The Native North
Before After
Adventures Overseas
Space War
World Domination
Destiny Unknown
Flaccid Earaches
Diamond Groove
Witty Toadstools
Slicky Sensation
Electricity Mood 
Move Your Soul
I Found Love
Do You Want Some Tchai
Party Party All Night
My 8 Bit Wolrd
Bond Is Back
Dusty Road
Secret Passion
Playgirl Bunny
We Going Right
We Going Right
One Man Woman (+ 1nstrumental)

Usa Music Library: 
La Ville - City Of Light (Album)

City Of LIght (+ 2 variations)
Ancient Aliens
Another Era
Crystal Age
River Of Hope
Emergency Protocol
Blulerq Wilds
Hybrid Dominator
Meteor Rain
Zero Gravity
Le Magicien De La Ville
Freezing Time
The Host
Stellar Intelligence