Lars La Ville complete Music CV in music libraries 2008 - 2021 (Under construction)

Music Libraries Placements:

Uk Music Library: (Coming soon - Available 4 tv and media)

Dream Cassette
Lunar Drive
Polo Syntho
The Legend

USA Music Library: (Coming soon - Available 4 tv and media)
Ghost Sweep 4
Ghost Sweep 5
Ghost Sweep 6
Ghost Sweep 8
Haunted House 2
Haunted House 3
Haunted House 4
Haunted House 6
Haunted House 7
Haunted House 10
The Gathering Of The Munks (+ Variation)

Silver Smoke
Avillrud Treasure
The Cube
Night Raider 
Hang Over In L.A
Displaced System

UK music library:

Building Bridges
Crazy Fashions
Feel The Groove
Funky Bass Jam
Island Sun
Happy Hour
Jazzy Lady
Kittens And Rainbows
Lemon And Lime
Lucky Break 
Party Knights
Questions And Answers
Scat Bandits 
Smooth Ride 
So Cool 
Swinging Salmon 
Take A Bow
Yes Man

Blue Penguins 
Christmas Fairytales
Cypher Eliminator
Is There Life On Any Planets
Final Call
First Attempt (+ 5 Variationer)
Hot Shot
Heroes In Space
Land Of The Angels (+1 Variation
La Gypsia
Moderst Dubai
Magical Dramedy 
Second Attempt
Risible Mullahs
River Of The Brokenhearted
So Happy Today
Space Patrol
Spirit Of Redemption
The Abondoned Zone
The Dark Shadow
The Power Of The Uniorn (+ 1 Variation)
Unreal Reality
Boom Town
Calibrate Us
The Native North
Before After
Adventures Overseas
Space War
World Domination
Destiny Unknown
Flaccid Earaches
Diamond Groove
Witty Toadstools
Slicky Sensation
Electricity Mood 
Move Your Soul
I Found Love
Do You Want Some Tchai
Party Party All Night
My 8 Bit Wolrd
Bond Is Back
Dusty Road
Secret Passion
Playgirl Bunny
We Going Right
We Going Right
One Man Woman (+ 1nstrumental)

Usa Library: 
La Ville - City Of Light (Album)

City Of LIght (+ 2 variations)
Ancient Aliens
Another Era
Crystal Age
River Of Hope
Emergency Protocol
Blulerq Wilds
Hybrid Dominator
Meteor Rain
Zero Gravity
Le Magicien De La Ville
Freezing Time
The Host
Stellar Intelligence 

Retro Slayer:
Italio Stylismo
Funky Baido
Trobbing Movements (*)
Honey Bunny
Hold On
Crumpled Sheep
Platinum Action
Boomcha (*)
Static Blue
Automatic Lust
Bright Wizard
Everlasting Raider
I Wonder
Star Solar
Sufficient Beats
Spacey Urban

Above The Skies: Wice and La Ville
Spiffy Collision 
Streamlined Bits
Risible Drone
Passionate Blossom
Exultant Symphony
Energetic Soundscapes
Dastardly Anomaly
Technicolor Trepidation
Smugly Broadcasting
Moist Assaults
Vibrating Bones
Tattered Critters
Robust Melodies
Simulated Revolutionaries
Cloned Imbroglio
Cool Crutaceans
Ambient Exploration

Usa Music Libary:
Alien Hunter 
All Too Late
Angels Of Fire
Black And Grey
Car Chase In L.A
Chaos On The Road
Coast Guards
Cool Action
Cypher Failure
Dark Planet
Data Failure
Desert Aliens
Expensive Cars
High Speed
Hit The Beat
I Like This Theme
Industrial Fight
Just Too Sentimental
Keep Hunting Demons
Las Vegas Gamble Session
Let´s Play Football
Long Way To Go
New Evidence 
No Dispair
No Fingerprints Found
On My Knees
Open Space
Playing The Sax
Raw And Edgy
Round Two
Starfighter X 19
Team Work
Waiting For More Answers 
Watch Me Now
Weird Sensation
Whisper Of The Past
You Challenge Me
Your Mind 

 Electronic Chill Out Lounge
Dreammania Vol. 1 Intro
Journey Around The World
Dzien Dobre
Zin - Didididi - Da Da
Nature Atmosphere
Feel So Blue
Something For Your Mind
Ghost Chill
What Is Love
Cat Symphony
Voyage To Thailand
Keep Moving On
Tribute To Jarre
Electronic Lounge
The Orchestra
Sentimental Breakdown
Angels In Cyberspace
The Return
Let´s Chill
Disco Revolution (*)
Dreammania Vol 1 - Megamix (*)

Uk Library / Club - Eurodance
Dance Baby Dance (+2 remix)
Italo Disco (+ 1 remix)
I Found A Cure (+ 1 remix)
Fest (+ 1 remix)
I Don´t Care (+ 1 remix *)
Ready For Love (+ 1 remix)
My Love Song (+ 1 remix)
Kiss Me (+1 remix)

Uk Library / Club - Dance And Trance
Alien  Strategy
Alien Transformors
Electro Sadness (+ 1 variation)
No Time For Relax
Mission Zero
Ready To Party
Ready To Party Again (*)
Trans Symphony
Clubba Willa Hoppa
Quality Of Life
Mental Disorder
Missing Flame

Uk Library / Music For Movies - 21 Movie Themes
On The Run (La Ville / Mørck)
No Stress (La Ville / Mørck)
Rough Day (La Ville / Mørck)
Cyberspace (La Ville / Mørck)
Hide And Seek (La Ville / Mørck)
Industrial Chaos (La Ville / Mørck)
Come And Get me (La Ville / Mørck)
Synthoxic Theme (La Ville / Mørck
Black Hole Destroyer (Karlsson / La Ville)
Breathy Dragon Theme
Saxy Journey Around The World
Demon Hunter
Magic Atmosphere (+ 1 variation)
La Ville Magic Interlude

Uk Library / World Championship African Rhythms ( 1 track +1 variation)
La Ville Football Intro + (1 Variation)

Uk Library/ Club - Eurodance Vol. 2
Ready To Walk 100 Miles 

Uk Library / La Ville Tv Jingles
La Ville Tv Jingles 1
La Ville Tv Jingles 2
La Ville Tv Jingles 3
La Ville Tv Jingles 4
La Ville Tv Jingles 5
La Ville Tv Jingles 6
La Ville Tv Jingles 7
La Ville Tv Jingles 8
La Ville Tv Jingles 9
La Ville Tv Jingles 10
La Ville Tv Jingles 11
La Ville Tv Jingles 12
La Ville Tv Jingles 13
La Ville Tv Jingles 14
La Ville Tv Jingles 15
La Ville Tv Jingles 16
La Ville Tv Jingles 17
La Ville Tv Jingles 18
La Ville Tv Jingles 19
La Ville Tv Jingles 20

Uk Library / Club-Trance
Bienvenidos Ano Dos Mil
Angels From Above
Avatorio Trance
Fall Down On Your Knees
Make Up Your Mind
Music Is My Life - It Keeps Me Alive 
My Own Parade
Space Trigger

Uk Library / Music For Vampires - Creeping Horror
Lord Of The Vampires
Crypt Of Darkness - The Beginning
Crypt Of Darkness - The Voyage
Crypt Of Darkness - The End
Vampires Lullaby (La Ville / Mørck + 1 Variation)

Uk Library / La Ville Tv Jingles Vol. 2
Ville Da Cool
Getting The Disco Fever (+ 1 variation)
The Chill Out Chair
Rhodes Me Up
Bass Vs. Flute (+ 2 variations)
The Brown Funky Suit
When Rock Goes Pop
Santa Comes To Town
Sideburns (+ 2 variations)
Piano Song
The Wide Range
Power To The People (+ 1 variation)
I Just Get Enough
That's Groovy (+ 3 variations)
Dance Da Donna (+ 3 variations)
Funky Chillout
Route 66
Hippie Lounge

Uk Library / Rnb Beats - Beam Me Up
Smoot Lover Moves
Dont Push Me (+ 2 variations)
Summer Crusing (+ 1 variation)
R And B Robot (+ 2 Variation
Bling Bling Geeks
Are You Frontin Me (+2 variations)
Bring The Heavy Beat Back
Bollywood Cool Star
Just Following The Traffic (+1 variation)
Lovers Theme
I Miss The 80s Ties (+ 1 variation)
Always Punctual
Fatboy Groove
Jigsaw Puzzle (+ 2 variations)
Drive By Shooting
Cool But Old School (+ 2 variations)
Funky Human Beatbox
Hollywood Vs. Bollywood
Mystery In The Hood

Uk Library/ La Ville Piano Improvisations (20 tracks + 1 variation)
Piano Improvisations 1
Piano Improvisations 2
Piano Improvisations 3
Piano Improvisations 4
Piano Improvisations 5
Piano Improvisations 6
Piano Improvisations 7
Piano Improvisations 8
Piano Improvisations 9
Piano Improvisations 10
Piano Improvisations 11
Piano Improvisations 12
Piano Improvisations 13
Piano Improvisations 14
Piano Improvisations 15
Piano Improvisations 16
Piano Improvisations 17
Piano Improvisations 18
Piano Improvisations 19
Piano Improvisations 20 + (1 Variation)

Uk Library / Christmas
Modern Christmas (Peters / La Ville)
Santa´s Lets Dance (Polder / La Ville)

Uk Library /  Clubbing
Flash Forward Activation
Lets Take A Journey Around The World
Unknown Future

Uk Library / Documentary Life 
Chilly Day Today

Uk Library/ Powerful Positive Beats
Dor Ni Raw Gaw
Final Battle
Get your Feet Back On Your Ground
This Is A Future World

Uk Library/ Dance Floor Grooves 

Uk Library / Movie Moods - Ghosts in The Attic
Scarey Zones

Uk Library / Chart Music - Polish Dance
I Give It All (Pokaz Na Co Cie Stac + 1 variation / La Ville / Saldan)
Popatrz Sie Na Siebie (Grz / La Ville  + 4 variations)

Uk Library / TV Series - Sitcom Breakers
Forest Wizard Sound Fx 8 (Variation 1 - 2 - 3)
Forest Wizard Sound Fx 9 (+ 4 variations)

Uk Library / TV Series - Petrol Head
Are End B (+ 1 Variation )

Uk Library /  TV Series - Catwalk
Bellphonic Theme

Uk Library / Reality - Action Jobs
Coffee Break 

Uk Library / Club Beats - Dance Till You Trance (3 tracks + 3 variations)
Eurovisonix ( Pokaz Na Co Sic Stac + 1 Variation Instrumental)
Stranded Trancyclon (+ 1 Variation)
Dont Laugh At Me (+1 Variation)

Uk Library / Food - Tv Chef
Guide To Better Food

Uk Library / Food - Food Moods
Cooking Time

Uk Library/ Suspense - Chase
A Terrible Nightmare (+ 1 variation)
Calling The Spirits (+1 variation)
Catacombs Of Vienna
Dark Cloud
Haunted Mansion

La Ville Music Mangement/Releases / Mastering / Re-edits 

Uk Library/ Club - and Dance And Trance
Shadown Man (Johansson)
Marathon Run (Karlsson)
Go (Karlsson)
Eskimo (Karlsson)
Anything Matters (Karlsson)
Simplicity (Karlsson)
Search For Love (Karlsson)
Levitation (Berg)
My World (Berg)
Dancer In The Dark (Berg)

Uk Library - Music For Movies - 21 Movie Themes
War Without Wind  (Brandell)
To The Hills (Brandell)
So What To Do (Brandell)
Graceful Harmoney (Johansson)
Thoughtful Insight (Johansson)
The Beginning Of The End (Johansson)

Uk Library/ Aerobic Dance
Decibel (Peters)
Internet Streaming (Peters)
Total Kaos (Peters)
Windsurfing (Peters)

Uk Library / Club - Hardstyle Trance
Black Out (Berg + 1 variation))
Fly (Berg)
Cocain (Heerulff)
Empire Battle
Contagious (Berg)
Dominate (Heerulff)
Energy (Berg)
Eternal (Heerulff)
Ghost (Heerulff)
Hardstyle Never Dies (Heerulff)
Hellraiser (Berg)
Hype (Heerulff)
Infinity (Heerulff)
Nevalone (Heerulff)
Panic On The Highway (Heerulff)
Paradise (Heerulff)
Recoil (Heerulff)
Ringi Dangi Dingi (Berg)
Underground (Berg)
Darkest Dream (Berg)

Uk Library / Club-Trance
Body Ignition 001 (Polder)
Body Ignition 002 (Polder)
Body Ignition 003 (Polder)
Body Ignition 004 (Polder)
Body Ignition 005 (Polder)
Body Ignition 006 (Polder)
Body Ignition 007 (Polder)
Body Ignition 008 (Polder)
Body Ignition 009 (Polder)
Body Ignition 010 (Polder)
Body Ignition 011 (Polder)
Body Ignition 012 (Polder)

Uk Library / Survivors On The Island
Alone In The Dark (Brandell)
Survivor Of The Island (Brandell)

Uk Library / Music For Vampires - Creeping Horror
Vampire Classic Attack (Brandell)
The Vampire Ballade (Brandell)
Last Stand (Brandell)

Uk Library / La Ville And Friends Tv Jingles Vol. 2
Blonde Bulb (Norin,Paulsson)
Meditating Reaction (Norin,Paulsson)
Dection Hallucianation (Norin,Paulsson)
Calamity (Norin,Paulsson)
Heap Arrows (Norin,Paulsson)
Caramel Stereo (Norin,Paulsson)
Explicit Beauties(Norin,Paulsson)
Crusing The Symptoms (Norin,Paulsson)
Aura Of Remorse (Norin,Paulsson)
Post-Modern Escape(Norin,Paulsson)
Sounds Of Simplicity (Norin,Paulsson)
Scaffolding Boxes(Norin,Paulsson)
Ditto (Norin,Paulsson)
Grain Of Sand (Norin,Paulsson)
Detour (Norin,Paulsson)
Mold Of Titans (Norin,Paulsson)
Consideration (Norin,Paulsson)
Backstage (Norin,Paulsson)

Uk Library / La Ville Tv Jingles Vol. 1 (21 tracks +14 variations)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 1 (Polder)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 2 (Polder)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle3 (Berg)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 4 (Polder)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 5 (Polder)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 6 (Polder)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 7 (Feoutis + 1 variation)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 8  (Polder + 3 variation)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 10 (Berg)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 11 (Herulff - 1 variation)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 15 (Polder)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 16 (Larsen)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 17 (Larsen)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 18 (Larsen)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 19 (Larsen)
La Ville And Friends - Tv Jingle 20 (Larsen)

Uk Library / Electro Dub Beats
Dead End Road (Feoutis)
Fringe Attack (Feoutis)
Metamorphious (Feoutis)
Crazy Mind Puzzle (Feoutis)
Level 2 Of Weirdness (Feoutis)
Corrupted Dna (Feoutis)
Evolution Overload (Feoutis)
Evolution Breakdown (Feoutis)
Proton Accelerator (Feoutis)
Drop Kick (Feoutis)
Out Of Control (Feoutis)
Deep Space Surfer (Feoutis)
Razors Edge (Feoutis)
Demon Nest (Feoutis)
Energizer (Feoutis)
Lithium (Feoutis)
Rave Fadeout (Feoutis)
Futuristic Frontrunners 1 (Feoutis)
Futuristic Frontrunners 2 (Feoutis)
Futuristic Frontrunners 3 (Feoutis)
Futuristic Frontrunners 4 (Feoutis)
Warp (Feoutis)
Space Marathon (Feoutis)
Cyber Telecorp (Feoutis)
Super Charger (Feoutis)
Transmission (Feoutis)
G Force (Feoutis)
Chopper Platform (Feoutis)
Dragon Ink (Feoutis)
Club Doping(Feoutis)

Uk Library/ Reggae
Bear The Ring (Thompson)
I See You (Thompson)
Can't Stop Us Tonight (Thompson)
Now Is Not The Time (Thompson)
Can't Get Buy ? (Thompson)
All You Get (Thompson)
Felling Blue (Thompson)
This Station (Thompson)
Care Of Me (Thompson)
Something Wrong (Thompson)
Worries (Thompson)
Alive (Thompson)

Uk Library/ Clubbing
Another Bright Day (Dufrechou + 2 variations)
Bon Voyage (Dufrechou + 2 variations)
Club Invaders (Dufrechou + 2 variations)
Welcome To My Dub World (Polder)
Apl # 167 Melodic Soft Rock
U Were Never That Fair (Bertelsen)

Uk Library / 90s Female Songs
Chick (Peters + 1 variation)
Instant Fame (Peters)
In My Dreams I See (Peters + 5 variations)
On Your Mark (Peters)
Home Sweet Home (Peters + 3 variations)
How To Survive (Peters + 2 variations)
Let It Go (Peters + 1 variation)
Sensuous (Peters)
Serious Spinning (Peters)
Do u Have To Loose (Peters)
Stranger To This Place (Peters)
Far From Home (Peters)
To Journeys End (Peters)

Uk Library / Travel - The World Is yours
Never Look Back (Wied)
Up On Things (Wied)
Brume Melo (Feoutis)
Shine Riddim (Thompson)

Uk Library / Movie Moods - Ghosts in The Attic
Enless Field (Feoutis)
Ghost Hunt (Feoutis)
Invisible Forces (Feoutis)

Uk Library / Chart Music - Polish Dance
Byle Tylko Chciec (Grz)
Chwila Z Zycla (Grz+ 1 variation)
Cryin Tonight (Pawel Saldan)
Dance Company (Grz)
Don´ t Have To Be Like (Pawel Saldan)
Foreigh City (Grz)
Great World (Grz)
He Is Dreaming (Pawel Saldan)
How Angel How (Grz)
It Will Be Better (Grz)
Let´s Go To The Party (Grz)
Ring (Grz)
Saturday At The Disco (Grz)
Stay With Me (Grz)
Dobre Samopoczucie (Grz + 1 variation)
Happy Razy (Grz)
I Give You All (Pawel Saldan + 1 variation)
Jestem Bardzo Zadowolony (Grz + 2 variations)
Party W Molm Domu (Grz + 1 variation)
Pokanic Thunder (Grz)
Samothy (Grz)
To Jest Moja Strona (Grz + 1 variation)
Crying Tonight (Saldan + 1 variation)
Dont Have To Be Like This (Saldan + 1 variation)
He Is Dreaming (Saldan + 1 variation)
Make A Choice (Saldan + 1 variation)
Powolny Taniec (Saldan + 1 variation)
You Got It Wrong (Saldan + 1 variation)
Lets Dance Again (Saldan + 1 variation)
Byle Tylko Chiciec (Grz + 1 variation)
Chiwila Z Zyckla (Grz + 1 variation)
Czy Tak Dobraze Jest (Saldan + 1 variation)
Kolejna Chwila (Grz)
Nie Wiem Sam (Grz + 1 variation)
Ona Tego Chce (Grz + 1 variation)
Ona Tutaj Jest (Grz + 1 variation)
Opowiem Wam Histroies (Grz + 1 variation)
Nie Badz Na Mnie Zla (Grz + 4 variation)
Radio Gralo (Grz + 1 variation)
Szukam Ciebe (Grz)
You Got It Wrong (Pawel Saldan + 1 Variation)
Uk Library / Tv Series - Sitcom Breakers
Funky Donk (Hecter)
Forest Wizard Sound Fx 1 (Norin + 34 Variations)
Forest Wizard Sound Fx 2 (Norin)
Forest Wizard Sound Fx 3 (Norin)
Forest Wizard Sound Fx 4
Forest Wizard Sound Fx 5
Forest Wizard Sound Fx 6 
Forest Wizard Sound Fx 7

Uk Library / Tv Series - Petrol Head
Blow The Whistle  (Wied + 1 variation)
Cork Popper (Wied + 1 variation)
Morning Glorification (Wied +1 variation)
Feeling Remix (Thompson)
Hope Saint Voix (Feoutis)
Split Click Intro (Thompson)

Uk Library/ TV Series - Texas Cowboy
Campbells Blues Intro (Campbell)
From Nasville To Tennesse (Campbell +1 Variation)
Looking For Some Water (Campbell)
Playing The Blues (Campbell)
The Acoustic Session (Campbell)
The Australian Tour (Campbell)
The Chilling Session ( Campbell + 2 variations)
Conversation s (Campbell + 2 variations)
Blues Jungle Adventure (Campbell)
The Blues Mountain (Campbel + 2 variations)
Campbells Piano Session (Campbell + 2 variations)
Campbells Vinyl Scratch 

Uk Library/ TV Series - Catwalk
New Presure (Thompson)

Uk Library / TV Series - Secret Agent Getaway
Nunc (Feoutis)

Uk Library / Reality - Action Jobs
Dark Knight (Jeyentihran + 2 variationer)
Growl (Wied)
Leaving For The Knight (Wied)
Soundbwol (Wied)
Unification (Thompson)

Uk Library / Food - Tv Chef
All That Jazz (Hecter)

Uk Library / Food - Food Moods
Speedy Dub (Thompson)

Uk Library / Club Beats - Orchestral Hits
Sitting Back (Wied)

Uk Library/ Club Beats - Dance Till You Trance (12 tracks + 7 variations)
Cypher Control (Feoutis) 
Cypher Overlord (Feoutis)
Cypher Subbasso (Feoutis)
Decading (Wied)
Electrofying (Wied + 1 Variation)
Energizer (Wied + 1 Variation)
Im Gonna Do It (Wied)
Rebel  (Wied)
Miami Club Banger (Jeyentihran + 1 Variation)
Party Town (Jeyentihran + 2 Variation)
Rozn Trance (Jeyentihran +1 Variation)
Sonic Air (Jeyenthiran +1 Variation)

Uk Library / Club Beats - Laid Back
Breaking Off (Wied)
Like A Breeze (Wied + 1 Variation)

My music has been used in:
Canada, Czech Republic,Denmark,Eastland,Finland,Foroyar,France,Great Britain,Israel,Japan,Litanuen,Norway,Portugal,Romania,Spain,Sweden, The Neatherlands,Slovakia, Usa,China