Cypher Tales: 31 Tracks


Move Your Soul

The Glitchy Silver House
Do You Want Some TChai

The Reason Of Rhythm

Ready To Dance

Cypher Seed

I Found Love

Electrical Mood

In The Wood

B.O.T Full

White Rabbit

A Special Kind Of Space


Once Opon A Time

The Third Star

Ce Produit Fait De L Effet

Red Riding

Mr. White

The Beautiful

Mr. Double U

The Other Site

Alice Didn´t What to Wait

Run Baby Run

London Myst

Rock Your Destiny

The Wolf Was a DJ

Her Butterfly

Crystaline Cpu

I Found Love (Cypher Tales Radio Remix)

A Special Kind of Space (Cypher Tales Extended Remix)

Release Date: 4th September 2008

Catalog No: 

Cecilia Hjortsberg:

A Rainbow Band Of Colors (La Ville Orchestral Edit)

A Rainbow Band Of Colors (La Ville Instrumental Edit)

Release date:3th January 2019

Catalog No: LVM 033

Isabella Widjestrand:

Xmas (La Ville Orchestral Edit)

Xmas (La Ville 80´s Radio Edit)

Xmas (LA Rush Radio Remix)

Xmas (Erik Polder Dance Remix)

Xmas (Peter Karlsson Radio Edit)

Xmas (La Ville 80´s Extended Edit)

Xmas (LA Rush Club Remix)

Release date:1th December 2019

Catalog No: LVM 032


Ghost Town (Radio Edit)

Ghost Town (Extended Edit)

Released Date: 22 November 2019

Catalog No: LVM 031

KRAMER remix request:

Michella Evers:

Poisonouz (La Ville Radio Edit)

Poisonouz (Pacemaker Radio Remix)

Poisonouz (Pacemaker Extended)

Release Date:6th December 2019

Catalog No: LVM

La Ville & Friends - Epic Journey Vol. 3:

Album - 50 Movie tracks.

Release date 15th Of June 2019

Catalog No: LVM 

La Ville (EP):

Please Don't Go (Radio Edit)

I Don´t Wanna Need U (But I Do) 

Cryin´Alone (Radio Edit)

Own 2 Feet (Radio Edit)

Please Don't Go (La Ville Synth Remix)

Release Date:15th June 2018

Catalog No: LVM


Pawel Saldan - The Remixes:

Dobrze Wiem (Radio Edit)

Pokaz Na Co Sie Stac (La Ville Club Edit)

Disculpame (Radio Edit)

Dobrze Wiem (Rockzown Club Remix)

Dobrze Wiem (Favi Talo Remix)

Disculpame (Rockzown Club Remix)

Release Date:16th March 2018

Catalog No:

La Ville:

Happy Santa (La Ville Radio Edit)

Release date. 1th Of December 2018

Catalog No: LVM

Michella Evers:

Somewhere On Your Family Tree (Acoustic Radio Edit)

Somewhere On Your Family Tree (La Ville Radio Edit)

Release Date:26th July 2017

Catalog No:


La Ville & Friends  - Epic Journeys Vol. 2:

25 Movie tracks

Release Date:

Catalog No:1th September 2015


La Ville & Gauvey-Kern:

Twist (La Ville & Mitch D Radio Edit)

Twist (LVX Synth Remix)

Twist (La Ville Radio Edit)
Release Date:15th December 2017

Catalog No:



Lars La Ville & Daniel Waples:

Sunset In India

Another Major

Yoga In Deep Space

Waples Journey


The Lost Compass

A Magical Day

Space Jugglers

Release Date:15th Of May 2015

Catalog No:

La Ville & Friends - Epic Journeys:

20 Epic Movie Tracks

Release Date:28th February 2014

Catalog No:

Michella Evers:

T.W.A.T.  - This Won't Alter Things (Radio Edit)

T.W.A.T.  - This Won't Alter Things (Serotoxin Electro Remix)

Release Date:20th December 2013

Catalog No:

Stockholm Nightlife Feat. Eliza & Erika:        Waiting For Tonight (La Ville Radio Edit)

Waiting For Tonight (TFX Remix)

Release Date:31th December 2013

Catalog No:


ICame to Collect Ya (Flyinstate Radio Edit)

I Came to Collect Ya (La Ville Funky Radio Edit)

I Came to Collect Ya (Rockzown Remix)

I Came to Collect Ya (Redhouse Remix)

I Came to Collect Ya (Flyinstate Extended Edit)

Release Date:15th February 2011

Catalog No:

Owen Cambell -Sunshine Road (Album) 13 Tracks:

No. 4 In Australian´s  Got Talent 2012

No 1 on Itunes In Australian July 2012

No 1 on Itunes Best Blues Albums Chart July 2017

No 1 and 6 other songs on Itunes Best Blues Chart July 2017

92 Month on Itunes Top 10 Blues Albums Chart In Australian.

Release Date: 1th July 2011

Catalog No:

La Ville: Release Date:19th November 2010 - Catalog No:

Cryin´Alone (La Ville & Andreas Mørck Rock Edit

Cryin´Alone (La Ville Dance Remix)

Cryin´Alone (Ali NOori Electro Remix)

Cryin´Alone (Jakob Stavnstrup Vocal Trance Edit)

Cryin´Alone (Brande Classic Edit)

Cryin´Alone (Jakob Stavnstrup & La Ville Electro Remix)

Cryin´Alone (Jakob Stavnstrup Groggy Trance Remix)

La Ville - Own 2 Feet:

Own 2 Feet (La Ville & Andreas Mørck (Rock Edit)

Own 2 Feet (Rockzown & Zanis)

Own 2 Feet (La Ville Electronic Remix)

Own 2 Feet (Dj Toscana & La Ville Radio Edit)

Own 2 Feet (Dj Toscana & La Ville Radio Edit)

Release Date:27th January 2011

Catalog No:

Dj Toscana Feat. Ecaterina:

Lubirea Mea Sublima (La Ville Radio Edit)

Lubirea Mea Sublima (Erik Polder Dance Remix)

Lubirea Mea Sublima (Ali Noori Electro Remix)

Lubirea Mea Sublima (Morten Heerulff Hard Dance Remix)

Release Date:5 April 2010

Catalog No:


Just Testing

Be Cool

Friday Night


4 Days Alone

1 Step

My Angel

Rootical FM Station

Care Of You

Time Bomb

Release Date: 10th November 2010

Catalog No:

Shine 4 U (La Ville Radio Edit)

Shine 4 U (La Ville Extended Edit)

Release Date:24th September 2009

Catalog No:

BrandL & Lund:

Så Kan Det Va (Brandl Radio Edit)

Så Kan Det Va (DJ Display Club Remix)

Så Kan Det Va (DJ Toscana Euro Edit)

Release Date:

Catalog No:18th December 2009

Kevin Lehnberg:

Ready 4 Love (La Ville Radio Edit)

Ready 4 Love (La Ville Extended Club

Ready 4 Love (Singback Version)

Release Date:14th November 2008

Catalog No:

La Ville - Dream Mania Vol. 1

23 Tracks

1 Hour Non-Stop Electronic Chill Out Lounge Music

Written & Produced By Lars La Ville

Release Date: 9th April 2009

Catalog No:


Fest (La Ville Radio Edit)

Fest (Rnb Radio Edit)

Release Date:4th August 2008

Catalog No:


Dance Baby Dance (C-Storm vs. La Ville Radio Edit)

Dance Baby Dance (Illuminati Radio Edit)

Dance Baby Dance (Illuminati Extended Edit)

Release Date: 23th August 2008

Catalog No:


Italo Disco (La Ville Italo Radio Edit)

Italo Disco (Sinus Radio Edit)

Release Date: 20th August 2007

Catalog No:


I Found a Cure (La Ville Funky Radio)

I Found a Cure (La Ville Radio Edit)

Release Date: 24th July 2008

Catalog No:


Mission Zero (La Ville Radio Edit)

Release Date: 2th July 2007

Catalog No: